Things That I Have Done in My Book of Mormon Seminary Class

I teach early morning Seminary and this year I am teaching the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes I like to blog about the things that I have done.  I do this so that I can have a place to store a lot of my ideas for future reference.  I also like to share my ideas with others so that they can use them if they would like.

The purpose of this page is to provide a link to the post that will give you a more in depth explanation of the lesson.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the post.

I like to do journal sized quotes from the lesson that I hand out to the students about once a week.  Here is a link to these lesson handouts.

Here's a reading chart that I gave to the students at the beginning of the year:

Here is an easy and cheap birthday gift

Here is a link for incentives for students to come on time

Here is a liahona activity with a gift idea.
Here is another idea for a liahona:

Having the Students Teach Mosiah 28 

through Alma 2 (Lesson 68 & 69)

Have the students teach Alma 17, The Story of Ammon and King Lamoni's Sheep

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