Thursday, November 19, 2015

RED Read Every Day - Help your students to remember to read their scriptures every day!

In my Old Testament Seminary class I am trying to get the students to read their scriptures every day. I had a friend who told me about RED - Read Every Day.  I loved the idea!  So I gave each of my students a small piece of string to tie onto their clothing, or back pack, or purse, etc. so that they would remember to read.

I started out by just giving them the string and having them tie it onto an item of clothing that they see every day.  I didn't tell them what it was for.  We have been studying Moses and I had a student come up who had a U of U back pack.  I asked how many of the students loved his back pack, and how many hated his back pack. Then we talked about other symbols that they loved.

After that I showed them all the items that were in the tabernacle and talked about what they symbolized.  Then I asked them about the color red.  What had we talked about that was red?  The answer was mostly the blood that Moses had sprinkled on the congregation and the red on the door at the Passover.  

This is when I brought up reading their scriptures.  I compared it to the Passover and the atonement.  If Jesus could die for use, we can at least Read Every Day!  I told them that the RED string was a symbol to remind them to Read Every Day.  I asked them how the destroying angel would pass them by if they were reading their scriptures.

The lesson went great!  I ended by giving all those who have been reading some RED candy.  I will continue to give the students who are reading RED candy every so often.  I am hoping to see the students reading their scriptures on a more regular basis.

Here is the string that I used:

I just wrapped it around my hand once for every student.  Then I cut it.

I stored it in a plastic bag.

Then they tied on something that would help them to remember to read.
About once a week I put out a big RED bucket full of RED candy.  It's a treat for all the students who have been Reading Every Day!

It's been a few weeks and some of my students still have their string tied to their item.  The reading has improved in my class.  I have one student who has completed it for this semester, and several who are getting close.

Update:  It's been a year and I actually have a few students from my last year who are still wearing their RED string!  And did they read?  YES!!!

I had a day where we did a Book Worm Wednesday reading competition.  I passed out a few gummy worms to each student while they read a chapter that I was teaching about.  I also timed them to see how long it would take to finish reading the chapter.  The first student to finish got a bag of gummy worms.  The student who won read the chapter in a minute and a half! Then I pointed out that they can get their reading done in just a few minutes every day!

I also keep a bag of various kinds of RED candy. Every few days I pass it around for all the students who have read that day.  

Another thing that I do at the beginning of the year is have the students give a unique way to get their reading done during the day.  I have them tell me as part of their devotional.  I make a large list that I keep next to the sign in sheet so that it reminds them of all the ways that they can get their reading done.

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  1. Great idea! I hope to find an acronym that sounds a color in spanish.. kind of difficult. But, I'll use it anyway.

  2. Great idea! I hope to find an acronym that sounds a color in spanish.. kind of difficult. But, I'll use it anyway.