Monday, January 29, 2018

LDS Seminary Worksheets, Have the students teach Alma 34 and 35.

Here are some worksheets that I put together so that the students could teach in groups.  I have them work on it as a group and then present it to the class.  I like to do this about once a week so that I can hear what my students are thinking and learning.  I post it on here so that I have a copy of what I've done. Maybe someone else will be able to use it also.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Map of the Book of Mormon until King Mosiah II

While teaching Mosiah I drew a huge map on the board.  Some days I would come in and it would be erased.  It got frustrating, so I decided to make my own map.  

Here is my version.  If you would like to have a copy then just click on it to make it larger.  Then right click and copy and paste it into your printing program.  You can also save it into your pictures.

I printed out a copy for each student to have plus I sent a copy of the map to Staples and had a copy printed out on Engineer print for about $4.  Here is a picture of it.

It has made my life so much easier.  Now the students can follow along as we learn about the different groups of people and places in the Book of Mormon.

Learning about King Benjamin's Speech, Book of Mormon Mosiah chapters 2-5

While teaching my Book of Mormon Seminary Students about King Benjamin's Speech, I noticed how much doctrine King Benjamin covered.  As a review I divided up the verses and had the students write down all the different doctrines on a tent.  They each came up and shared the doctrine with the class and placed it in front of the temple. 

Here's a closer view of the the tents.  Notice that the door is on the opposite side so that it faces the temple.

I gave a cut out of a temple to each student.  You could actually give them a couple if you would like.  Then have them search chapters 2-5 to see what doctrine that they can find.  You can divide the chapters up between the students.

Here is a copy of the tents.  To print it out just click on it to make it large.  Then right click to save it into your pictures, or copy and paste it.

For the temple I used white poster board.  For the grass I used green poster board.  Here is a printout for the ladder and for King Benjamin.

The lesson really went well.    I hope that they can remember that King Benjamin's speech is a good place to turn to if they are looking for doctrine.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Have the students teach Alma 17, The Story of the Sons of Mosiah, Ammon and King Lamoni's Sheep

Since most of us know the story of Ammon and King Lamoni's sheep so well, I wanted to take the time to really read the doctrine that Alma 17 offers us.  I think that we can get so caught up in the cool story that we overlook many of the things that we can learn from this wonderful chapter.

I separated the students into groups.  I made a printout for each group so that they could read their section and then teach the class what they learned.  It turned out great.  I gave each group about 10 minutes to prepare. 

The lesson turned out awesome!  The students had some great things to share.  I always love it when I hear from them.  We got to hear from all the groups but group 6, which I did the next day.  It actually worked out better that way because then at the end of the lesson I could do the minute-to-win-it Book of Mormon challenge where two students competed to pick of the most arms.  It was a blast.  

 Here are the handouts that I gave to each group.  If you would like a copy just click on the picture to make it large.  Then right click and copy and paste it into your printing program, or save it into your pictures.  I hope that these can be a help!

Another idea that was fun was we had a minute-to-win-it race at the end of our lesson to see who could pick up the most arms with a sword.  The instructions are here.