Things That I Have Done in My LDS Old Testament Seminary Class

This year I am teaching the Old Testament in Seminary.  As I teach I will post some the activities that I do with my students.  It is helpful for me to have a place that I can find a lot of my ideas, and hopefully I will be able to inspire others with ideas.  I have another page that lists most of my Doctrine and Covenant Ideas if you would like to look through those.

To go to the page with the activity on it just click on the pictures below:

Scripture Book Worm Wednesday
A reading competition to get your students reading their Scriptures.

Call your students on a mission to help them study Doctrinal Mastery

The Tower of Babel Object Lesson

Teaching Abraham 1, Lesson 19

Teaching Abraham 2, Lesson 2
The Promises of the Seed of Abraham

Learn about The Feast of Tabernacles

Image result for sukkot booth

Teach the students about Simchat Torah
and recommit them to read the Old Testament

Worm Wednesday - The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Conference Note Taking

We made Challah, Jewish Bread when we learned about the Sabbos Project, and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Celebrate Jewish customs with your students

The plaques of Egypt

Class Scripture Study

Handout from the Conference Talk "Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God by Elder Von G. Keetch