Thursday, November 16, 2017

LDS Seminary - News Broadcast- Book of Mormon - Teaching Moroni 19-21 - The Lehi Nephi Morning News

Whenever I feel like I've been doing all the talking I have a day where the students get to teach.  This time I decided to make it into a Newscast.  I divided the class into 8 groups and gave each group a paper to write their newscast, and a paper to draw a picture to go with their newscast.  I gave them about 5 minutes to get it done.  Then I called each group up to present their news cast.  I started it off with the picture above and a recap of the events that preceded Mosiah 19.

As the groups came up I took a picture with my phone of their drawing.  I then "aired" the picture on the TV Screen as they presented the newscast.

Here's a copy of the page for each group to draw on.  Make 8 copies (one for each group).  Click on the picture to make it large.  Then copy and paste it into your printing program, or save it into your pictures.

Here is a printout for each of the 8 groups Newscasts:

I have to say it was fun to see all of the students involved.  As always when I do something like this that I see the students who don't pay attention as the ones who get into it the most.  It was a fun day!

Here are some of the pictures that my class drew for their Newscast:

I hope this idea is helpful for you.  I think that you could adapt it to any lesson.  Good luck!

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