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Book of Mormon Minute to Win it Games

Every year for our Seminary Christmas party I like to have a game day.  This year we did Minute to Win it Book of Mormon Games.  It was a lot of fun.  I'll share with you the games that we came up with.

1 Nephi 16:6

Now, all these things were said and done as my father dwelt in a tent in the valley which he called Lemuel.
Give each team a sheet to make a tent.  They can use anything in the room to help build their tent.  They have one minute to build their tent.  The team that can convince a judge that theirs is the best tent wins.

1 Nephi 4:19

19 And after I had smitten off his head with his own sword, I took the garments of Laban and put them upon mine own body; yea, even every whit; and I did gird on his armor about my loins.

Give each team a roll of aluminum foil to create Laban's armor.  The team with the best armor wins.

1 Nephi 16:10

10 And it came to pass that as my father arose in the morning, and went forth to the tent door, to his great astonishment he beheld upon the ground a round ball of curious workmanship; and it was of fine brass. And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness.

Each team hid the opposite team's liahona while a team member from each team went outside the room.  When the team member came into the room the team yelled hot or cold to help their team member find their liahona.  Both teams played at the same time, so the team member had to hear the voices from his own team.  The first team to find the Liahona won.

1 Nephi 16:16

16 And we did follow the directions of the ball, which led us in the more fertile parts of the wilderness.

Each team gets a gold Liahona (Christmas ornament) and has a team member push it with their nose from the starting line to the finish line.  The first team member to finish wins.

1 Nephi 16:23

23 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did make out of wood a bow, and out of a straight stick, an arrow; wherefore, I did arm myself with a bow and an arrow, with a sling and with stones. And I said unto my father: Whither shall I go to obtain food?

Each team got a bow that was not strung.  They had to string their bow and then shoot an arrow at a picture of a desert goat.  The first team to hit the goat won.

Here's a picture of the goat that I used.

1 Nephi 17:8

And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto me, saying: Thou shalt construct a ship, after the manner which I shall show thee, that I may carry thy people across these waters.

Each team has a member make a paper boat.  Once they are done they have to blow their boat across the table with a straw.  The first team to the other side wins.

Jacob 5:68
68 And the branches of the natural tree will I graft into the natural branches of the tree; and thus will I bring them together again, that they shall bring forth the natural fruit, and they shall be one.

Spread out 24 candy canes around the room.  A member from each team has to pick up 12 candy canes (branches of Israel) with their mouth and bring them back to the Olive tree.

Here is a copy of the tree printout:

Words of Mormon 1:13

13 And it came to pass also that the armies of the Lamanites came down out of the land of Nephi, to battle against his people. But behold, king Benjamin gathered together his armies, and he did stand against them; and he did fight with the strength of his own arm, with the sword of Laban.

Spread cups on the ground to be the Lamanites.  Give each team a sword to gather up cups (Lamanites).  The team with the most cups wins.

Mosiah 2:8
And it came to pass that he began to speak to his people from the tower; and they could not all hear his words because of the greatness of the multitude; therefore he caused that the words which he spake should be written and sent forth among those that were not under the sound of his voice, that they might also receive his words.

Each team has to write down Doctrinal Mastery 2:17.  The team that is done first wins.

Mosiah 27:18
18 And now Alma and those that were with him fell again to the earth, for great was their astonishment; for with their own eyes they had beheld an angel of the Lord; and his voice was as thunder, which shook the earth; and they knew that there was nothing save the power of God that could shake the earth and cause it to tremble as though it would part asunder.

Spread marshmallows on the table.  Each team is given a straw and a bowl.  They are to suck up as many marshmallows as they can.  The team with the most marshmallows wins.

Alma 17:34
37 But behold, every man that lifted his club to smite Ammon, he smote off their arms with his sword; for he did withstand their blows by smiting their arms with the edge of his sword, insomuch that they began to be astonished, and began to flee before him; yea, and they were not few in number; and he caused them to flee by the strength of his arm.

Spread the arms on the ground.  Give each team a sword.  The team that picks up the most arms with the sword (without using hands) wins.

Here's a printout for the arms.  Print them out on cardstock.

Helaman 16:2
But as many as there were who did not believe in the words of Samuel were angry with him; and they cast stones at him upon the wall, and also many shot arrows at him as he stood upon the wall; but the Spirit of the Lord was with him, insomuch that they could not hit him with their stones neither with their arrows.

Each team picks a person to represent Samuel the Lamanite.  The team member stands in front of the opposite team.  Each team throws marshmallows at the other team's Samuel.  The Samuel that can dodge the most marshmallows wins.

Ether 1:33
33 Which Jared came forth with his brother and their families, with some others and their families, from the great tower, at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people, and swore in his wrath that they should be scattered upon all the face of the earth; and according to the word of the Lord the people were scattered.

Each team is given a bunch of plastic cups.  The team that can stack their cups the highest wins.

Ether 2:17
17 And they were built after a manner that they were exceedingly tight, even that they would hold water like unto a dish; and the bottom thereof was tight like unto a dish; and the sides thereof were tight like unto a dish; and the ends thereof were peaked; and the top thereof was tight like unto a dish; and the length thereof was the length of a tree; and the door thereof, when it was shut, was tight like unto a dish.

Each team is given two plastic bowls with some duct tape.  They are to tape their bowls together so that they are tight.  Then each team has to spin their barge across the finish line.  The team to cross the finish line first with a tight barge wins.
It's always fun to give trophies to the winning team.  Here is an idea that I have used in the past.  I have updated the printout to say Book of Mormon. 

The printout is below.  I printed it on gold cardstock that I bought at Walmart.  Just click on the picture to make it large.  Right click and save it into your pictures or copy and paste it into your printing program.

This year I actually did not do the trophies.  Instead I made them all Lehi's Luscious Liahonas.

I love to do Minute to Win It Games. 

Here are some of my other games that you might like:

Here is another fun game to play called Scripture Man

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