Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make a Liahona

The Liahona
Just color and cut out the circle "compass" and the pointer.  Use a brad to secure the pointer in the center. 

If you don't have a brad, then you can use yarn and a needle.  Just tie a knot in your yarn, then pull it through the center of the Liahona, with the knot on the back side.  Then pull the needle through the blunt end of the arrow.  Pull the arrow all the way down the yarn until it lays flat against the Liahona.  Tie the yarn in a knot, and cut off the yarn.  There should be a knot at
the back of the Liahona, and one on the front, with the yarn pulled tight in the middle.

The Liahona - A Compass of Faith from the Friend.  It includes a dot to dot worksheet and pictures that you can use for telling the story, or for the kids to color:http://lds.org/friend/1987/06/sharing-time-compass-of-faith?lang=eng&query=liahona

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