Saturday, December 2, 2017

Book of Mormon LDS Seminary, Have the Students Teach Mosiah 28 through Alma 2 (Lesson 68 & 69)

If you're like me you are nearing the end of the semester and trying to combine lessons so that you have time to give the test.  I have also been giving a lot of lessons where I am doing all the talking.  Whenever things in Seminary start going this way I know that it's time for a student involved lesson.

 This one went so well that I really wanted to remember it so I decided to post it on my blog. I do this so that I will remember it and know where to find it if I have to teach it again.  Then maybe someone else can use my ideas.

I basically divided the chapters into 6 sections because I have six tables.  I try to encourage the groups to include everyone in their presentation.  I also gave them a blank paper for them to draw a picture.  That gets more students involved.  Each group worked on theirs for about 5-10 minutes.  You can usually tell when they are about finished.  If they are goofing off tell them that they only have another minute.  That always seems to get them going.

When they are done preparing I call them up as groups.  Then just let them give their presentation.  I take a photo of their picture so that I can display it on the TV during their presentation.  I usually have them explain their picture.

I have to say that this one went extremely well.  I am so proud of my class.  They are AWESOME!

Here are the handouts that I gave to my class.  If you want to use them then just copy and paste them into your printing program.  You can also right click and save them into your pictures.  Leave a message and let me know how your class did.

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