Monday, December 11, 2017

Make a Christmas Ornament from a Pass-Along Card

I teach Seminary and have 30 students.  I am always looking for cheap gift ideas that I can give to my students.  Here's one that I came up with for Christmas.

It's a Christmas tree ornament made from a pass-along card!  

I actually bought these cards from the artist at BYU Education Week.  I was looking for something inexpensive and that was from the Book of Mormon, since that is what we are studying this year.  One of the artists, David Bowman, sold me a large signed copy of this picture, plus 30 pass-along cards that I could give to my students.  

Here's how I made the ornament:

First I laminated the card to make it stiff and have a shiny coating.  Then I cut out heavy cardstock scrapbook paper to match the same size of the pass-along card. 

 I just traced the card on the back of the cardstock and then cut it out.

I drew some guidelines on the card so that I could know where to place the tape.  After several attempts with free handing it I decided that this worked best for me.  It might be a step that you can skip if you have a better eye than I do.

After that I used electrical tape to outline the edges of the card, folding it over the edge so that half was on the front and half was on the back.  It's the only black tape that I could find, but it ended up working really well because it was stretchy.
Once all the back electrical tape was in place and trimmed, I put a layer of washi tape to look like a silver frame.  

Then I punched a hole in the top of the card and added a matching scripture that went with the picture. 

Then I added some silver ribbon.

Here's how they turned out.  
I'm very pleased with them, and I hope that my class is also.

Here's another view of it on my tree.

Here's a printout of the quote that I used if you would like to use it also.  Just right click your mouse and save it into your pictures or you can also copy and paste it into your printing program.


  1. What a great idea! I’m going to make some as gifts for my visiting teaching ladies. Interesting that you electrical tape, I use it for a lot of things.

    1. Thanks! You'll have to let me know how they turned out. I guess have a father as an electrician gives you a lot experience with electrical tape, not to mention duct tape :)