Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Fingerprint Mother's Day Card (and Poem) or Thank You Card, or Get Better Soon Card

This card can be used for Mother's Day, but also can be used for a Thank You Card, or for a Get Better Soon Card.  I have print outs for each card.  Below is the basic card.  You can have the child press her finger on an ink pad if you have one.  I use Crayola washable markers.  Just color the child's fingerprint and then press it on the paper as a petal for the flower.  Repeat until you have enough petals for a complete flower.  You can use different colors for each flower.  Keep some baby wipes handy to wash the marker off of the fingers.  You can also add a red fingerprint to make a lady bug or make a butterfly.  Add dots with a thin marker.  When your done with the fingerprints cut out the Mother's Day sign and glue it on the front of the card.  Glue the poem on the inside of the card.  The children could also draw a picture on the inside of the card, and sign their name.

This is the base of the card.  Click on the card and then right click on the card.  You can either COPY it, or SAVE AS and store it on your computer.  Enlarge the card to fit into a full sheet of paper.  Fold the card in the center.

Cut out the poem and paste it on the inside of the card.  Cut out the Happy Mother's Day sign for the outside of the card.  If you are doing a Thank You card or Get Well card then cut out the appropriate sayings, or add your own.  Each insert can be printed on a half sheet of paper.

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