Friday, May 25, 2018

Book of Mormon Zarahemla Olympics for the ZAP game.

This year was the Winter Olympics so I wanted to incorporate it into my Seminary class, but I think that you could play this game at any time.  This post is just the printouts for the Zarahemla Olympics.  To learn how to play the Zap game just click Here.

Zap is a fun game where you ask the students questions and when they answer they get a point and then pick a zap card from the board.  The card can give them more points, or take away points, or switch points, ets.

Here are the printouts for the Zarahemla Olympics:

The questions I just took from the reading..  I had them follow along with their Book of Mormons and asked them in order so that if they were paying attention it was easy to answer.

Here's a couple of my question sheets:

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