Saturday, October 17, 2015

LDS Conference Note Taking

I challenged my seminary class to take notes during one conference talk and use it as a devotional for class. I had seen some conference notes on pinterest that were amazing and wanted to use these for inspiration.  I printed one of them off for each of the students in the class.  To see the source just click on the picture below.

I played a portion of Jeffery R. Holland's talk for the April 2014 General Conference Talk "Where Justice, Love and Mercy Meet."  I had the students take notes in their journals.  When they were done I gave each student a small version of the above notes to paste into their journal.  We discussed the different ways that they could take notes and the value of note taking.  I told them that the above example was just an inspiration for them and that I didn't expect theirs to be as fancy.  

Here's an example of one of my student's notes:

I gave them each a handout for them to take their notes on to use as a devotional.  Here's a copy of the handout that you can use for your class:

If you would like a copy of this just click on it to make it larger.  Then right click and save it into your pictures or copy and paste it into your printing program.

Here's a journal sized handout:

Here's and example of what I got back in my class:

My family and I were out of town for Conference.  I was in the hotel room and forgot to bring paper to take notes on.  I had just bought a new purse that was full of crumpled paper.  I flattened them out and folded them up.   Here's how they turned out:

Here's a closer view:

As you can see, I will not be selling mine on etsy any time soon! But, I was so excited with how this turned out that I thought that I would share it on my blog. Here's how you can do it.  Just take a large sheet of paper.  I used packing paper.  

Then fold it three times.  There is enough room for a talk in each section then a rectangle for which session of conference that your notes are from.  

If you would like all of your drawings to face the same direction then mark the top of each rectangle before you start.  I would refold it for each talk so that It was easier to draw on, but I did not get them all going the same direction.  I thought of marking them after I was done.

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