Wednesday, August 15, 2018

LDS Seminary Doctrine and Covenants Lesson Handouts

I like to make journal sized handouts to give to my students with my lessons.  This post is where I will put my handouts as I make them throughout the year.  This is my second time teaching the Doctrine and Covenants so many of my old handouts are scattered throughout my blog.  As I teach my lessons I will post all of my new handouts here for anyone to use if they would like.  I will attach a link to the lesson that it is from.

Doctrinal Mastery

                   Joseph Smith—History 1:21–26

My class motto this year is going to be "I have learned for myself"  As we study the things that Joseph Smith learned, we will see what we can discover for ourselves.  I will have this sign up on the board throughout the year.  I printed mine on colored paper.

Lesson 16  Doctrine and Covenants 8

Lesson 19 Joseph Smith History 1:68–75; D&C 13

Lesson 26 Doctrine and Covenants 20:1–36

For this lesson I made 3 copies of the the scriptures blocks below. I cut each paper into 7 scripture block pieces, making 21 pieces in total. I have 21 students so that gave me 7 groups of 3 students. I randomly gave each student a scripture block. Each student had to find the other students with the same color of scripture block and work together. When they got into their groups I had them all introduce themselves to each other then say what their favorite book was. I gave them several minutes to work together on reading and answering the questions. Then each group got up and shared what they learned. I drew a picture on the board of a church and they drew something from their picture block in the church. It went great!