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LDS Seminary Doctrine and Covenants Lesson Handouts

I like to make journal sized handouts to give to my students with my lessons.  This post is where I will put my handouts as I make them throughout the year.  This is my second time teaching the Doctrine and Covenants so many of my old handouts are scattered throughout my blog.  As I teach my lessons I will post all of my new handouts here for anyone to use if they would like.  I will attach a link to the lesson that it is from.

Doctrinal Mastery

My class motto this year is going to be "I have learned for myself"  As we study the things that Joseph Smith learned, we will see what we can discover for ourselves.  I will have this sign up on the board throughout the year.  I printed mine on colored paper.

LESSON 14       D&C 5

Lesson 16  D&C 8

Lesson 19 JSH 1:68–75; D&C 13

Lesson 26        D&C 20:1–36

For this lesson I made 3 copies of the the scriptures blocks below. I cut each paper into 7 scripture block pieces, making 21 pieces in total. I have 21 students so that gave me 7 groups of 3 students. I randomly gave each student a scripture block. Each student had to find the other students with the same color of scripture block and work together. When they got into their groups I had them all introduce themselves to each other then say what their favorite book was. I gave them several minutes to work together on reading and answering the questions. Then each group got up and shared what they learned. I drew a picture on the board of a church and they drew something from their picture block in the church. It went great!

Lesson 31  D&C  24

     For this lesson I had the students work in pairs as the lesson suggested, but I had them read the entire chapter.  I printed out the below copy of D & C 24 so that the students could mark on it and takes notes while they were reading.
    To divide them in pairs I wrote numbers on each page.  For example I wrote #1 on two papers, #2 on two papers, #3 on two papers, and so on.  Then the pair had to find each other to work together.  Each team took turns having one reading one verse while the other underlined important things in that verse.  Then the other student would read while the opposite student underlined.
     I had the students look for the hand of God in the verses, and anything that they found interesting or had questions about.  Then we discussed it as a class.  I called on each group by their number.

Lesson 33      D&C 27

I have a missionary handbook that can be used with D&C 30-34.  I used it the last time I taught the D&C.  This year I changed it to D&C 42.  Last year I did it for Doctrinal Mastery.  You can find all three versions by clicking here.

LESSON 41  D&C 36–37

LESSON 47  D&C 42:1–29

For this lesson I made Missionary Handbooks.  

For this lesson we did a scripture dig.  Here is the link.

LESSON 50 D&C 43–44

Call me crazy, but my favorite way to teach this lesson is by coming into class with the idea for Mormon Land!  I tell them that I am planning on converting temple square into a theme park.  The temple will make a great castle with the world's tallest roller coaster around it.  Think how many visitors we would get to come to such an awesome place!   Then I wait to see their reactions.  I let them tell me what is wrong with this idea.  Then we delve into the scriptures about the prophet.

After listening to Chad Web's talk "We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ" I like when he said, "Focus on the Titles, Roles, Character, and Attributes of Jesus Christ."  I
  have really tried to make Christ the center of my teaching.  This has not always been easy.  Sometimes I just forget, but I am trying.  I thought where D&C 45 uses so many different names for Christ that it would be a good time to use this hand out of all of the different names of Christ.  The students can take a little time to go through them and discuss them.

D&C 121-123

LESSON 54       D&C 46

Lesson 55      D&C 47–48

Lesson 56 & 57     D&C 49-50

I needed to combine the two lessons, but I thought that they went well together.  I showed the students the monkey trap at the beginning of the lesson.  Then I quickly gave them a rundown of the the shakers and the strange behavior that was happining in the church.    We went quickly through the false beliefs of the shakers.  Then I divided them into 6 groups and each group answered their set of questions  shared what they learned with the class.  

Lesson 64  D&C 58:34–65


This goes with the article from the LDS Youth web page article entitled:
8 Myths about Repentance

This is not my idea.  I only made the printouts to go with the lesson.  I got the idea off of the Seminary Teacher of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Have the youth use their cell phones and scriptures to research answers to each of the myths.

Lesson 81  D&C 76:81–119

I also have several worksheets and printouts for this lesson.  Just click here.

Lesson 83  D & C 78-80

We have been learning a lot of doctrine this week so I thought it would be nice to take a break and play a game.  I put together a Scripture Snowman for the kids to play.
I also brought in hot chocolate for them to enjoy.

Here is a link to the directions and the game board that you can use.

This game is not my idea.  I just made an answer sheet that I like.  Also I can never find the grid with the numbers on it so I just made my own.  I thought that I would share this with anyone else who was looking for it.

Lesson 87     D and C84:43-61

For this lesson I put together an activity based on the concept of speed dating but I call it "Speed Friending".  Have the students sit across from each other.   The students read and answer questions for the lesson.  After each question they move in the direction it tells them to go.

Link to "Speed Friending" questions.

Lesson 88 D&C 84:62–120

Lesson 89 D&C 85 & 86

Since we were talking about the wheat and the tares I used this opportunity to do the popcorn parable.  If you don't know what that is here is a link to a really cute version on ambermaybe's blog.  It's basically that you don't know which kernels will pop until you heat them up.  I bought some small bags of popcorn at the store because I didn't want to torture the building with the small of popcorn.  I placed this handout on each bag.  I printed mine out on yellow paper.

Lesson 90 D&C 87

For this lesson I felt the students should listen to one of our prophets last talks from conference 
Becoming Exemplary Latter-day Saints
and make a list of things that felt were important for them to follow.  I made the following handout for them to use.

Lesson 91 D&C 88:1–40

Lesson 92 D&C 88:41-69

Link to Scripture Snowman questions

Lesson 93 D&C 88:70-117

Last time that I taught this lesson I had the students draw the Word of Wisdom.  This year I thought I would try it again.  I have to say that it was a lot of fun!  Some kids got really into it, others not so much.  I put together a slideshow and we all watched it.  As the students were drawing I taught the lesson and showed a couple of the videos.  I felt it was very successful!

This lesson worked so well that I thought I would share it on my blog. 

I started out by asking the students to write in their journals about someone that they wanted to be like or emulate.  I had them share that with me.  Then I shared the quote “Perfect worship is emulation. We honor those whom we imitate” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie).  We talked about how to become like the person we admire we need to do it one step at a time.  

Then I showed them a small ladder and shared Joseph Smith's quote about the ladder.  Then I gave them a copy of Elder Holland's quote (below) and had them add it to their journals and talked about how just like becoming like the person we admire, we also can become like Christ, one rung at a time.  

Read and Respond
 I had them take turns reading the entire scripture block out loud, one student at a time.  They had to read the scripture, then respond.  I call it "Read and Respond".  I was amazed at how much that they know, and we could relate it to what we had talked about earlier.  I had several students tell me that they really enjoyed the lesson. 

Another cool thing about our lesson today was that it talked about John, which the students had just learned about in last week's Come Follow Me discussion.  It is so cool when we can tie what they learn in seminary to what they learn at church or in their homes!  Don't you just love the gospel?

Lesson 100 D&C 97

I called it the school of the Prophets.  I didn't want to call it the school of the elders because it sounded a little too much like Elder's Quorum.   I put the sign up and gave each group a copy of the picture below for their group to color a picture that represents their scripture block.

For this lesson I separated the students into groups and had them study the scripture blocks and then teach the class.  I color coded each scripture block so that the students get randomly selected to sit with the color of their scripture block.

Lesson 102 D&C 98:23-48
For this lesson I played the game Search, Bell Teacher, May I?  The link to the game questions is below.

The students worked in groups of 5 or 6.  The groups assigned out the various jobs listed in the document.  The runner ran the answers up to the teacher.  After the teacher looked through the answers the the Bell Ringer rang the bell and the teacher gave the Bell Ringer a new set of questions.  I didn't make my students say Teacher May I.  It made me uncomfortable so I just had them ring the bell for the next set of questions.

Cut up the papers so that the sets of questions are on a seperate sheet of paper.  In this particular set of questions only the third page will need to be cut in half (between Questions Set #3 and Question Set #4).  I printed out two copies for each team so that the captain and the scribe could have a copy.

Lesson 108 D&C 103

Lesson 110  D&C 105

For this lesson I took two days.  The first day we watched the movie from the lesson on Zion's Camp and read some of the scriptures.  I like the students to see examples of what life was like, so the movie was great.

  The second day I reviewed what we learned, and we talked about how we could apply these lessons to our lives today.  I used the Zion's Camp experience to springboard a discussion about dealing with problems and challenges in our lives.   We read some of the advice the Lord gave the Saints in D&C 105.   I tied the Zion's Camp to President Nelson's challenge to be part of the
Lord's Youth Battalion.   

Finding a "Protection Scripture"

 I used a clip from Elder Rasband's Talk "Jesus Christ is the Answer.    I started at 18:00 and had them listen until the quote on the handout below.  This helped the students to understand why I was having them pick a favorite scripture.  I listed a bunch of great scriptures on the board and had the students all find a favorite scripture to use as a protection scripture and write it in their journals.  I passed around paper where each student wrote down their favorite scripture and their name so that I could have a list for me.  I'm going to give a copy to the entire class.  I told them that I wouldn't use their names.

I also gave this handout from the talk for them to put into their journal:

Lesson 111 D&C 107
What do you do when it snows in Las Vegas?  You bring hot chocolate and play Scripture Snowman!  I know I've played it a lot this year, but I have been trying to work out some of the kinks in the game.  This is also a way to get (almost) every kid in the scriptures.  Today was an overview of what the scriptures say.  Tomorrow I will be sure to have a more in depth discussion on the Priesthood. 

Here is a link to the Scripture Snowman questions.

Lesson 113 D&C 107

I shared a video about Joseph Smith and his brother Alvin that someone had edited.  Here's the link Seminary Teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

After that I had the students do a Scripture Dig and Draw.  
I wrote on the board two questions:
1.  What about this section would make Joseph Smith happy?
2.  What is something that they found interesting?

I divided them up into groups of two.  The person on the right read two scriptures of D&C 137 while the person on the left drew or doodled what they were listening to.  Then I had them trade.  They did this until they were done.  I then had the groups come up and share what they came up with.

Here's a page for the students to draw on.
Here's what my class came up with:

Didn't they do an awesome job?
Many of the even have more information on the back.
I am definitely doing this again!

Lesson 116 D&C 109:1-46
Before I started this section I showed my students the movie Treasure in Heaven - the John Tanner Story.  While they were watching the movie we complete this activity where the students drew the building of the Kirtland Temple.  Click on the picture below for the link.

Lesson 116 D&C 109:1-46

Normally I would never do a fun activity for such a serious section, but I have laryngitis and cannot talk.  So I decided to do a speed friending activity.  Maybe it's for the best because the class was much more engaged and almost everyone participated.  I may have given candy to kids who were participating?

Link to Speed Friending

Lesson 117 D&C 109:47-80
Since I still have laryngitis I have put together another activity for my class.  It's the game "Search, Bell, Teacher May I" game.  I do not like the "Teacher May I" part so I have renamed it "Search, Write and Ring Bell.  Last time we played the students seem to really like it.  

Read, Write and Ring Bell D&C 109:24-80

Lesson 119 D&C:111

I got an idea off the 

Seminary Teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

to have the students search for Easter eggs to find treasure.  The post suggested adding a rock so that the students wouldn't think that the eggs were empty.  

As I went to add the rock, I got the idea to tie it into the Savior being our rock and our salvation.  After I gave the lesson I gave them the following sheet of "rock" scriptures. 

 I told them to pick one and write the scripture reference on the rock.  They were to put it somewhere where they could locate it later.  It was to be a "protection scripture" as Elder Rasband had suggested.  This way we took some that was seen as worthless and made it into a treasure.

I also shared the following article with them about 
Section 111

The “Insignificant” Scripture By Kim R. Burningham

Lesson 121 
The Church Moves to Northern Missouri

Lesson 123 D&C 115-116

Lesson 127 D&C 122:11-33

Lesson 128 D&C 121:34-46

Lesson 134 DC 127

I started the lesson by having all the students tell me about their family reunions.  They told me what they did, how they did it, what they like about their families, etc.  After this discussion I had them give me words to describe their family.  I wrote them on the board and made it into a tree like the one on the hand out.  

After this we read the scriptures out of D&C 127. I explained that all of this was part of the spirit of Elijah.  I pointed out how fun it is to hear stories from grandparents and how these stories help us to know our ancestors.  
When I gave them the quote below I had them write about what they loved about their families.  At the end of the lesson we all used the "Relatives Around Me" app on family tree.  The lesson went great.

Lesson 137 & 138
D&C 129-130

This lesson went really well so I thought that 
I had better post it. 

Here is a handout of what I did: