Things that I have done in my LDS Seminary Doctrine and Covenants' Class

I was not going to blog about my seminary class, but after searching for ideas from other blogs I have decided to share my ideas.  The blog that has inspired me to do this is the blog Seminary at Six AM. I was so impressed with her ideas that it helped ro jumped start my motivation to do some fun things in my classroom.  On this page I will give a list of ideas that will link into the actual activity or printout.  Just click on the picture underneath and it will take you to the activity.

To see my ideas for Old Testament click on the link below

Most of the things that I have done this year will be on the LDS Seminary D&C Lesson Handouts page.

To go to the page with the activities and printouts just click on the picture.

Seminary Graduation Requirements and D&C Scripture Mastery for Seminary Journals
I wanted the students to have a small copy of the graduation requirements and Scripture Mastery that they could glue in their journals.  Just click on the picture below to print a miniature sized one for the student's journals.

Seminary Organization Ideas

Doctrinal Mastery Ideas

Plan of Salvation Worksheet
Since we are supposed to teach the plan of Salvation several times a year I redesigned the printout for the plan for the students to fill out.  Just click on the picture below to print it out for your class.

Incentives For Coming on Time

Joseph Smith History 1:15-20 
Doctrinal Mastery #1 Puzzle Strips & Target
Here is a fun way that helped my students to pass off their Joseph Smith History 1:15-20.  It's puzzle strips with sentences of the scripture that they need to put into order. 
 To print it out click on the picture below: 

Lesson Plan on the Full Dispensation
Lesson 22 D&C 27

President Russell M. Nelson's
Lord's Youth Battalion

God's Army Minute to Win It Game

Youth Battalion Gift

A Gift for students who learned their Doctrinal Mastery

Scripture Mastery 
Nerf Gun Challenge Target Printouts


A Doctrine and Covenants game 

for the Seminary Assessment Test

Seminary at Sunrise
We had our class outside on the steps of the church
 so that we could see the sunrise. 
For more information click on the picture below: 

Seminary in a Sack
Scripture Mastery
The students add small items to remind them of 
scripture mastery throughout the year.

Call Your Students on a Mission
This is a "Missionary Handbook" workbook to aide in the study of D&C 30-34 and/or D&C 42 or Doctrinal Mastery

Scripture Dig (D&C 42)

How to Have Your Students Teach Themselves

Doctrine and Covenants 76 

The Three Degrees of Glory Worksheet and Handout

Draw the Scriptures for Seminary 

D&C 89 The Word of Wisdom

Class Scripture Study

Thank You for Being One Smart Cookie
A reward for students who use their scriptures.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm
A special treat for the students who come on time.

Worm Wednesday Scripture Reading Competition
To get the printout and read about the challenge 
click on the picture below:

Golden Plates Treats
September 22 is the day that Joseph Smith received the Golden Plates from the Angel Moroni.  Celebrate this day by handing out Book of Mormon chocolate candy treats

The Book of Mormon Project
The CES challenged the students to take a Book of Mormon and mark their favorite scriptures then give it to someone.  This is a handout to aide in that assignment.

"Meet the Mormons" Book
Here is a book where the students each have an "I'm a Mormon" page

Reach One More!
Bring a Friend to Seminary Day

How the General Authorities eat their 
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
One of my favorite ideas that I did last year while I was a substitute was to show a video on how the General Authorities eat their Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  It is great to use around Conference, and the students love it.  To check it out click on the picture below:

You-KNOW-a To Listen to the Prophet GRANOL

You-KNOW-a to listen to the Prophet Granola
Just before General Conference I brought each student a bag of granola with a sticker that said :

To find out how to make it and for the recipe 
click on the picture above.

LDS Seminary Class Reading Challenge Issued to Another Seminary Class and a Reading Chart

My class issued another class to a reading challenge.  I have a certificate and a reading chart that you can print out.  Just click on the picture below:

Scripture Mastery General Conference BINGO

The Building of the Kirtland Temple, drawn by my Seminary Class

Joseph Smith in Lego's Pirates of the Caribbean Game

Daylight Savings Time Reward For Coming An Hour Earlier

Conference Note Taking Ideas

We did a 25 days of Christmas for the Missionaries

Who will lead the church after of the death of Joseph Smith? Handouts for Lesson 146: Succession in the Presidency

Nauvoo Temple Facts

The Mormon Trail - A Handout to go with Lesson 148: The Trek across Iowa; Doctrine and Covenants 136:1–18

Make a "Quilt" from D&C 136

CSI Was Joseph Smith a Prophet of God?

A Nauvoo Christmas Party

An End of the Year Gifts for the Students

End of the year reward for Doctrinal Mastery (updated)

I have started a page for my Old Testament Seminary ideas


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