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25 Days of Christmas Service Project to Send in a Care Package

Here is a service project that I am having my Seminary students do for the students who currently have family members who are serving a mission.  You could also do this with the Primary, Mutual, or as a family. It could also be sent to someone serving in the military.

I had my students color and cut out one of the ornaments below.  Then they wrote a message on the back of their ornament.  We wrapped up each ornament with something small, like some gum, Kleenex, chap-stick or kool-aid and wrote the number of the ornament on the package.  For day 1 I included a picture of my seminary class.  For day 25 I included a letter from their family.  

It works best if you print them out on white card stock.  Click on the picture to make it large.   Then right click your mouse and copy and paste it into your printing program, or save it into your picture files.

Days 23-25

Days 18-21

Days 14-17

Days 10-13

Days 6-9

Days 2-5

Day 1
(I wrote a message like "to Elder Jones from The Mission Drive Seminary class")


Here is a  helpful hint.  If you are sending these to more than one person, then color code each batch of ornaments for each person.  For instance, Elder Jones would be blue, Elder Smith would be green, Sister Black would be pink.   I just colored the around the number with the color of the missionary.  That way the students could customize their message to fit the missionary.
Next I drew a Christmas tree on half of a disposable tablecloth from the dollar store.  To make it symmetrical I folded it in half and drew half the tree.  I then turned it over and drew the other half, tracing the lines from the first half.  The tablecloth is transparent enough that I could see the original lines.  My friend just made hers into a triangle tree because it was easier.  After I drew the tree I wrote the numbers 1-25 randomly all over the tree.
Here is what the tree will look like after the recipient hangs all the ornaments on the tree.
For December 1 the package included the first ornament, the tablecloth tree and the star with a note that explains how the 25 days of Christmas work.

On the outside of the the presents I attached the gift tag that corresponds with the number of the ornament in the package.  I printed them out in the color that I assigned to the person.  For instance Elder Jones' would be printed in blue, and Sister Black's would be printed in pink.

Christmas Gift Tags 1-16

Christmas Gift Tags 17-25

After I wrapped all the gifts with the ornaments and attached all the labels here is what the presents looked like.
And they all fit into this US Mail flat rate envelope.  
It cost about $25 to send it to a foreign country.  
If you are mailing in the US it costs around $6.10.
Here is the link to order the envelopes:

I have another care package idea for Easter.  Just click on the picture below to check it out.

If you would like to see all of my seminary ideas go here:

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