Holiday Ideas
*Valentines Valentines Valentines Valentines*

**Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter** 

Here is a garland made from Easter clearance items:

Spruce up old unwanted Easter decorations:

Have an Easter Basket scavenger hunt:

Make some easy Bunny bread for your Easter dinner:

Here are some Easter tags for your Easter gifts:

Here's some that are fun to color:

Here's another set:

*Mother's Day  Mother's Day  Mother's Day**
**Father's Day  Father's Day  Father's Day**

**Grandparents Grandparents Grandparents*

**Halloween  Halloween Halloween**

Make a Trick-or-Treater out of 2 liter bottles.  Just click on the picture to find out how.
 Here's how to make same cute treat bags for Halloween:
Happy Halloween with bugs and kisses:
Here's a complete list of my Halloween ideas:

Applique a cute pumpkin t-shirt with a matching skirt. 
Learning how is just a click away!

***Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving ***

 Make a fingerprint Turkey card:

A Turkey T-Shirt:

Here are some printouts for your Thanksgiving table:

Make a Thankful Turkey:

Here's a complete list of my Thanksgiving ideas:

**Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas*
See all of my fun and free Christmas ideas on the link below:

Make some super easy reindeer cookies:

Or a cute matching card:

Printouts for your Christmas gifts:

A manger Christmas Card:

A Stand in Holy Places Christmas Handout from a talk by
President Monson

A Snowflake Handout from the talk "Waiting Upon The Lord" by Robert D. Hales