Friday, January 11, 2019

Scripture Man and Scripture Snowman Printouts and Rules #Scriptureman

I want to thank whoever created this game.  It is a lot of fun to play in class.  The reason that I am doing this post is because I always have such a hard time trying to find the game when I need it and the version I was using was very old.  I was trying to update it and decided, "Oh, what the heck, just redo the whole thing instead of trying to cut a paste!"  So here it is.  Maybe it will help you also.

If you are familiar with the old version you will notice that I changed mine up a bit.  I decided to to it with more of a 3 degrees of glory theme.

After playing this with my students a couple of times they informed me that they hate the bomb that makes them lose all of their points.  Because of this I have made a nicer version where the bomb only causes them to lose 50 points.  I have included both versions.

If you want to use it just copy and paste it into your printing program, or right click and save it into your pictures.

Meaner Version:

Nicer Version:

To make the game go quicker your can tell the students to draw an 8 for the snowman, and a squiggly line for the melted snowman.

Meaner Version:

Nicer Version:

Enjoy playing the game!  

Here are links to games that I have played with my class:

Lesson 83 D&C 78-80

Lesson 92 D&C 88:41-69

I hope this helps.  
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