Friday, May 25, 2018

Book of Mormon Zarahemla Olympics for the ZAP game.

This year was the Winter Olympics so I wanted to incorporate it into my Seminary class, but I think that you could play this game at any time.  This post is just the printouts for the Zarahemla Olympics.  To learn how to play the Zap game just click Here.

Zap is a fun game where you ask the students questions and when they answer they get a point and then pick a zap card from the board.  The card can give them more points, or take away points, or switch points, ets.

Here are the printouts for the Zarahemla Olympics:

The questions I just took from the reading..  I had them follow along with their Book of Mormons and asked them in order so that if they were paying attention it was easy to answer.

Here's a couple of my question sheets:

Captain Moroni's Title of Liberty Activity

One of the fun things that we did as a seminary class this year was have each student make their own Title of Liberty.  Here's how I did it.

I bought an old white sheet set at Goodwill.  It was only a couple of dollars after I pointed out a few stains to them.  When I got them home I ripped them into squares that were 14 inches by 12 inches.  I cut a notch at 7 inches on one of the sides and a notch at 6 inches on the other side.  This way the students could tear the sheet as a group.  I felt like allowing them to tear gave a little bit of the feeling of what Captain Moroni did.

I handed out a bunch of colored sharpie markers and each student got a wood shish kabob skewer.  They were to write on their Title of Liberty the things that they felt were important to them.  When they were done they poked the wooden skewer through one end to make a flag.

Here are a few examples of the flags my students made:

It was a fun activity that the students will remember..

Friday, May 18, 2018

"Believe in God and Yourself" quote by Jeffrey R. Holland Printout, Believe in the Book of Mormon Printout - Easy and Cheap Gift for LDS

It's the end to another year of LDS Seminary.  This year we studied the Book of Mormon.  I always give the students a gift at the end of the year.  Here is what I came up with:

I love this quote from Jeffrey R. Holland - "Believe in God and Yourself.  You are doing better than you think you are!"

I made this printout and put it in some dollar store 4x6 picture frames.  Here is the printout.  If you want to use them just right click on the picture and copy it or save it into your pictures.

Full sheet of paper 4x6 print
4x6 print

Then I tied a jute bow around the frame and added a tag that said "Believe in the Book of Mormon".

Here's the printout for "Believe in the Book of Mormon".  I printed mine out on gold cardstock that I bought at Walmart.

I also gave them this "Believe" washer with a leather necklace that I bought on Amazon.  I told them they could wear it as a necklace or make it into a bracelet.

Here are the links to by these items:

This means that both gifts together came to about $1.60!  
Not bad for when your buying for 30 students.

The kids seemed to really like it.  I saw a lot of them wearing them at the breakfast the next day.

I showed this short video from Elder L. Whitney Clayton called "Choose to Believe."

It turned out to be a great lesson!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Jaredite Morning News - Teaching the Jaredite Journey Across the Ocean in Ether 6 of the Book of Mormon

Today in seminary we had a fun day where the students made a new broadcast for Ether 6.  I put the picture above on the TV screen and then gave each group a Morning News paper to draw their own picture, and one to write their news cast.  It turned out great!

Print 7 copies of the Jaredite Morning News.  As each group got up I took a picture of their drawing so that it showed up on the screen for their news cast.  
Then I gave each group one of the following handouts:

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Monday, April 23, 2018

S'more Scripture Fun for LDS Seminary

I had leftover  S'more ingredients from an activity that we had at our house.  I just had to figure out a way to use it with my seminary class.  This is what I came up with.

Making the S'mores

Before class I laid out the s'mores on a cookie sheet with parchment paper for easy clean up.   Place the graham cracker on the bottom, then the chocolate, then the marshmallow, but leave off the top graham cracker. That way at the end of the lesson we could just pop them in the oven and cook them at 350 deg. for 5 minutes.  That's just enough time for closing prayer and clean up etc.  After the s'mores have cooked for 5 minutes, place the top on them and hand them out to your students.


The Lesson:

I had the students work in pairs.  I gave them a few scriptures at a time and each group wrote down as many facts as they could in that scripture block.  Then I called on random pairs to share what they learned and we discussed it as a class.  Each group counted how many facts they could find and kept a running total.  The group at the end with most points won a prize (usually a large candy bar). 

 It was very simple and fun.  All the students seemed to be engaged and learning. I hope that you can use it also.

Here's an example of the scripture block 
that I used:

Ether 2

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Samuel the Lamanite Activity, Helaman 13-16

Today we learned about Samuel the Lamanite.  I gave an overview of the story using bricks to help fill in the wall.  After we read the scriptures and learned about Samuel's warnings I did this activity with my students.

I printed out one brick and one arrow for each student.  On the arrow they wrote what problems or challenges that they face today.  On the brick they wrote a scripture that stood out to them in Helaman 13-16.  I loved that almost every student found a scripture about Christ and told how it comforted them.  Then I had them come up to the board and place the brick and the arrow on the board to form a wall.

Here are the printouts for this.

Samuel the Lamanite 
I copied off of Google Images but it linked back to the LDS color pages.

I printed these out on gray cardstock 

I printed these out on red paper