Thursday, March 1, 2018

Samuel the Lamanite Activity, Helaman 13-16

Today we learned about Samuel the Lamanite.  I gave an overview of the story using bricks to help fill in the wall.  After we read the scriptures and learned about Samuel's warnings I did this activity with my students.

I printed out one brick and one arrow for each student.  On the arrow they wrote what problems or challenges that they face today.  On the brick they wrote a scripture that stood out to them in Helaman 13-16.  I loved that almost every student found a scripture about Christ and told how it comforted them.  Then I had them come up to the board and place the brick and the arrow on the board to form a wall.

Here are the printouts for this.

Samuel the Lamanite 
I copied off of Google Images but it linked back to the LDS color pages.

I printed these out on gray cardstock 

I printed these out on red paper