Friday, May 25, 2018

Captain Moroni's Title of Liberty Activity

One of the fun things that we did as a seminary class this year was have each student make their own Title of Liberty.  Here's how I did it.

I bought an old white sheet set at Goodwill.  It was only a couple of dollars after I pointed out a few stains to them.  When I got them home I ripped them into squares that were 14 inches by 12 inches.  I cut a notch at 7 inches on one of the sides and a notch at 6 inches on the other side.  This way the students could tear the sheet as a group.  I felt like allowing them to tear gave a little bit of the feeling of what Captain Moroni did.

I handed out a bunch of colored sharpie markers and each student got a wood shish kabob skewer.  They were to write on their Title of Liberty the things that they felt were important to them.  When they were done they poked the wooden skewer through one end to make a flag.

Here are a few examples of the flags my students made:

It was a fun activity that the students will remember..

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