Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to let the Seminary Students teach themselves with no help from you! -Doctrine and Covenants 38, Lesson 42 & 43 Lesson Plan for Seminary

On Halloween I surprised my class by making waffles.  I knew that I would be busy, so I broke up lesson 42 and 43 into small parts so that each student had a section.  I have 26 students, so I needed to use both lessons.  The parts that we didn't get to we finished the next day.  This is how I assigned who got what part of the lesson.

You could do this with any lesson.  I adapted my lessons from the manual by make a few small changes and then broke it up into 25 separate parts (one for each student). I printed out the lesson as it is typed below.  I cut up the lesson by numbers.  Then I folded each part of the lesson and wrote the number on the outside of the folded paper.  I placed the papers in order in a small box and placed the box at the top of the sign in sheet.  As the students came in they took the number out of the box that corresponded with their sign in number.  

Here is the lesson that I did.  It is almost exactly the same as in the manual, except a few little quirks to accommodate having all the students teach it.  To use it click on it to make it large, then right click on your mouse.  You can either copy  and paste it, or save it into you pictures and print it in your printing program.

Lesson 43 & 43 Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

I hope that this lesson works out for you.  

It really worked out great for my class.  The students always impress me with their knowledge. We got all of it done in time, and I was free to cook waffles while the students taught.

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