Sunday, September 7, 2014

LDS Seminary Class Reading Challenge Issued to Another Seminary Class and a Reading Chart

My Seminary class has decided to issue another Seminary class to a scripture reading challenge.  With the new reading requirements that have been inforced this year I thought that it would be a great motivation to get the students to read.  Here is a generic version of the one that I made for class:

Just click on the picture above and save it into your pictures, or copy and paste it into your printing programs.

Reading Chart:

Here is a chart to keep track of the reading.  In my class I have several age groups so I have each age group competing with the other age groups.  

Everyone who finishes the reading gets a treat of their choice.  The age group that has the most people who complete their reading will all get giant size treats.  The person who finishes first will get a jumbo sized treat.  Hopefully this will encourage the students to finish their reading!

You will have to print out the left side, and the right side and glue them together.  I printed it on cardstock so that it was durable.  On the far left I wrote their names and on the far right I allow them to write their treat.  Then along the top I put what chapter that they need to read.

Left side of the reading chart:

Right side of the reading chart:

Happy Reading!  Good Luck!

Seminary Reading Idea List

Since this year is the beginning of mandatory reading for seminary graduation, I had each student come up with a way that they could get their reading done for the day.  We made it like a Christmas list, and will continue to add to it as we think of more ideas.  I also showed the students how to play the scriptures on their smart phone so that they could listen to them during the day.

To see all the ideas that I have used in my 
D&C Seminary Class just click here.

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