Friday, September 12, 2014

Seminary in a Sack - Collect items to help students remember Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery

I got this idea from Seminary at Six AM's blog.  It just was such a fun idea and I wanted to do it for my class. 

Below is a picture of the items that we put into the sack.  For every scripture mastery that we learned each student got a small item to put into the Seminary in a Sack.

Before anyone gets upset that I stole a bunch of wet wipes from Chick-fil-a, I just want to tell you that the wet wipes I bought for the kids were too big for the poster and I happened to have a smaller Chick-fil-a one in my purse, so I used it for the poster.

 I found these sacks on Amazon:

And I decided to make an iron on transfer to put on the front and the back.

I used Joleese Easy Image Transfer Sheets for light fabric.  I bought them at JoAnns.

Here is a printout for the one that I did. 

 If you want to use it just click on the picture to make it large, then save it into you pictures or copy and paste it into you printing program.

(Prints 9)

Here is a large version for you to use if you need it:

(Prints 12)
Here is a large version if you need it:

Once you have printed them onto your transfer paper (be sure to follow the directions) then cut out the transfer and lay the it in the center of the sack:

Then iron the transfer for the time indicated in your directions (about 30-40 seconds):

I ironed on both sides before I peeled of the paper backing.  
My instructions said to let it cool completely, 
then peel off the backing:

Here is the completed sack:


D&C ideas to put in the sack:  

I printed out a wallet sized version of the above chart for the students to put in their seminary in a sack. 

I also have a printout that I use to glue my charms on.  I had it printed professionally in an 8x10 photo so that it looks nice.  You can save it into your photos. If you are not doing the Seminary in a sack, I have a second printout that does not have the Seminary in a sack picture on it.  See below.

With the Seminary in a Sack:
Without the Seminary in a Sack:

The place that we found many of our charms was called Lucky Star on Amazon.  The search is terrible for the charms, but they are worth looking through for the price and the selection.  Here is the link:

Here are some close up pictures of the charms.

The students enjoyed collecting all of the charms throughout the year.  I had a great time coming up with ideas for each Scripture Mastery.  Some of them were difficult, but we got them all done.


  1. D&C For seminary 2018 comes this fall. This is such a great idea, and I am so glad I found it in the summer when there's time to do this! Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks so much for helping me make seminary scripture mastery more fun and easier to learn for my students!