Monday, May 4, 2015

The Mormon Trail - A Handout to go with Lesson 148: The Trek across Iowa; (and Mormon Battalion) Doctrine and Covenants 136:1–18

I like for my students to have a handout to go with some of my lessons.  I especially wanted them all to be able to look at a map and see the areas that the Saints took refuge.  So I made this handout to use with my lesson.  Most of the information came from this lesson

Mormon Trail Handout

Then I had the students draw the Mormon Trail.

I printed out several paragraphs from the Church History Institute Manual and then had the students draw and write about the stops on the Mormon trail.

Here is how it turned out:

Here are some other sources that are good for the Mormon Battalion:

March of the Mormon Battalion Game

 Winter Quarters: Church Headquarters, 1846-1848

Our Family Loves the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center in San Diego.  I showed the students some of what this site has to offer.

I also shared a few stories from my great-great grandfather Henry G. Boyle

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