Friday, May 15, 2015

D&C Doctrinal Mastery #24 D&C 131:1–4 Quiz, Target, Review,and Doctrinal Mastery BINGO Plus a Doctrinal Mastery Reward Printout

This post is from 4 years ago when it was Scripture Mastery.  The seminary in a sack is something that I did 4 years ago and I have not updated it because I have chosen not to do it this year.

Slowly I am trying to update some of these old Scripture Mastery posts to Doctrinal Mastery.  Hopefully some of you can use these for your class.


Target Front:

Target Back:

a toy wedding ring

BINGO print out:
I have the students write in the Scripture Mastery scriptures.
I use cereal or candy for BINGO markers

Here is a reward for learning all of the 
Doctrinal Mastery.  The picture is old, but I have updated the printout.

Here is the reward that I gave to all the students who learned their Scripture Mastery.  I made a wrapper to go on Air Heads XTREME candy.

Here is a copy of the printout.  

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