Monday, September 28, 2015

Teaching Abraham 2, The Blessings of the seed of Abraham Lesson 20

I did this to use with the Seminary Old Testament Manual, Lesson 20

I had another great lesson with the students today so I thought that I would share it.  It all started in our Relief Society lesson in church.  The gal giving the lesson used the cutest sunflower and sun to teach her lesson.  When I commented on it she told me to take it home and use it for seminary.  I did and I worked out great.

I reviewed with the students a little about being the seed of Abraham and gave them this quote by Russell M. Nelson from the lesson.  I printed mine on a bright yellow paper.
Here it is in journal size:

After we talked about being the seed of Abraham, I put the sunflower on the board and told them we needed to be like the sunflower and face the sun ( Jesus Christ) at all times.

I put the sun over the flower.

I put the dirt underneath the flower.

Then I told them that the dirt is the responsibilities that we have and the sun is the blessings that we will receive.  Then we went through the Abraham 2:9-11 and wrote what those blessings would be on the sun-rays and then taped them on to the sun.  I also had them underline them in their scripture

Print two sun-ray

I ended by explaining that the blessings of the sun are those blessings that we would receive in the Celestial Kingdom.  I had them read D&C 76:70:96.

I also took a little time telling them about Abraham's travels and such.  I tried to use their Bible maps, but unfortunately none of the kids had a good map in their Bible.

I hope this idea works for you.  Please feel free to drop me a note to tell me about your class and what you are up to.

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