Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Old Testament Tower of Babel Object Lesson

Today we learned about the Tower of Babel in my Old Testament LDS Seminary Class.  It went really well so I thought that I would share some of what I did.

Since today is Wednesday, I did a "Worm Wednesday" competition with my students.  To get the printout just click on the picture above. My main reason for doing this exercise is to help them to see that reading scriptures really does not take that much time out of your life, but the benefit so so good.  I had them all read Genesis 10 and 11 while I passed out a few gummy worms to each student.   The first student who finish got a bag of gummy worms.  Before I was done passing out the gummy worms to 26 students I had at least 5 students finished with the reading.

Before we started the competition I asked a couple of the boys to build me a tower out of Legos.  These boys did not compete in the reading, or participate in the lesson, but they were in the room with the rest of the class.

After the students were done reading I gave the lesson on the Tower of Babel out of the LDS Seminary Old Testament Teacher's manual. (  

The lesson went great and the students had just finished reading the scriptures, so they were all participating.  Just before it was time to go the boys finished their Tower of Babel.  It wasn't as tall as I thought it would be, but the lesson pointed out that when the language was confounded that the people ceased working on the tower, so that fit into the lesson.

I asked the boys how they felt building the tower during the lesson. They said that it was fun, but that they also felt left out.  We talked a little about sin being fun, other wise why would people be so tempted.  By paying more attention to the Legos than the scriptures they weren't able to feel the spirit as strong as if they had been reading out of their scriptures and marking them.  

We then drew a picture of a Tower of Babel in their journals.  I had them list some of the things that could be their "Tower of Babel" in their life, and the things that they could do that would bring them closer to the spirit. The lesson went great and the students loved it.

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