Sunday, September 13, 2015

Handouts for Old Testament LDS Seminary Lessons

I like to do handouts throughout the year that the students can put into their journal.  Last year it became cumbersome to made a separate post for every handout, so this year I thought that I would make one post that included most of the handouts as I do them.  I will put what lesson it is from and then the handout.  I will try to post them in the order of the lessons.  

If you want to use them for yourself, just click on the picture to make it large, then right click and copy and paste it into your printing program, or save it into your pictures. 

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Old Testament 

Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation

Lesson 17 - Noah's Ark  Genesis 6:13–9:29

Lesson 19 - Abraham 1

Lesson 20 - Abraham 2

Lesson 25 - Genesis 18

Lesson 27 - Genesis 20-21

Lesson 29 Genesis 23-24

Lesson 39: Genesis 47–49

This is not one of my printouts,but I wanted to share that it is available through the blog Bible Fun For Kids. I really appreciate the work that she did to make this printout and to offer it for free.

Lesson 35 - Genesis 40-41

Lesson 38, Genesis 44-46

Lesson 39, Genesis 47-49

Lesson 45, Exodus 12 & 13

Lesson 52, Exodus 25 & 27, 30

Lesson 55, Exodus 33&34

Lesson 71, Deuteronomy 27-34

Lesson 74: Joshua 6–10

Lesson 83 1Samuel 4-8

                 Lesson 88: 1 Samuel 18–24

Lesson 92: 2 Samuel 12:10–24:25

Lesson 141: Ezekiel 33–36

Lesson 143: Ezekiel 38–48

Lesson 144: Daniel 1

Lesson 145: Daniel 2

Incentives for coming on time

Use Avery Label 5160 and 
attach to a Fruit by the Foot

Worm Wednesday - The Early Bird gets the Worm

Use Avery Label 5163 and attach the Label to Candy Corn

This one I attached to bags of gummy bears that I bought at the Industrial Costco.  I printed mine out on colored paper.

This one goes with fruit roll-ups

Jewish Holiday Handouts
I have moved my handouts for Jewish Holidays to a different page.  Click here to link into all of my Jewish Holiday handouts and ideas.

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