Thursday, February 12, 2015

D&C Scripture Mastery #15 D&C 64:9–11 - Quiz, Target, BINGO and Review Sheet


Review Sheet:

Target Front:

Target Back:

The Seminary in a Sack item for this Scripture Mastery is a justice scale charm.


I also thought that it would be fun to play BINGO with the Scripture Mastery that we had learned up until now.  I started out with having the kids fill out the review sheet (above).  I like to make it a competition where one side of the room competes with the other side of the room.  I let them all help each other.  When they were finished I gave them each a bingo paper.  They filled it in with the 15 Scripture Mastery that they have learned and then they got a free space.  I cut up the scripture mastery review sheet to use for calling the scripture that they should mark.  Since it was Valentine's Day I gave them each a box of valentine candy hearts to mark the Bingo spots.  That way we could play it several times.  We really had a lot of fun.

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