Tuesday, February 10, 2015

D&C Scripture Mastery #14 D&C 58:42–43 Quiz and Target


Target front:

Target back:

Heads Up for D&C
A fun game that we played this week was like the game Heads Up that the kids play with their cell phone only you can use an app that is called Card Creator ($1.99).  I put in all of the Scripture Mastery that we have had until this point.  I also put in a lot of the words that we have been using in our Seminary class like: Joseph Smith, dispensation, bishop, John the Baptist, Zion, etc.  It was so much fun and the kids loved it!

The Seminary in a Sack item for this scripture mastery is an eraser.  We found one that said "oops"on it, which the students really liked.

To see all of my Seminary Ideas go here:

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