Tuesday, February 24, 2015

D&C Scripture Mastery #16 D&C 76:22-24 Quiz, Target, Review and Practice Ideas


Target Front:

Target Back:

Review Sheet:

For the review sheet I divide the class in half.  I give each student a review sheet to fill out.  I have the entire class fill out the sheet at the same time.  The side of the room that finishes first wins.  This way every student is participating.  I tell them that they can help each other and "cheat."  I feel that the more times that they are writing down these clues, the more they are going to remember them.  I then allow them to use the review sheet when we play games.  Again, I feel like the more often that they are seeing the scripture mastery, the more likely they will remember it.

Scripture Mastery Target Game
The game we played this week was with the targets.  I have a target (see above) for each scripture mastery.  I put all the targets on the board with magnets.  I have one person from each side of the room come up and gave both players a nerf gun.  I read a scripture mastery and they had to shoot the target with the write scripture mastery reference.  I allow the students to help the shooters.  Again, the more often they are exposed to the scripture mastery, the more that they will remember it.
This week to help the student's practice this scripture I handed each person a sheet with the Scripture Mastery D&C 76:22-24 on it.  

I got an amazing printout from The Mormon Home:

Then I had each student underline, circle and write notes on the scripture with colored crayons.  They were to analyze the scripture and point out what is important.  Then I had some of them come up to the board and write what they felt was important about the scripture.  It went over very well.

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