Monday, October 6, 2014

D&C 8::2-3 Scripture Mastery #4 Practice Puzzle

This makes two practice puzzles per page.  I printed them out on several different colors of card-stock.  Then I gave each student a pair of scissors to cut their puzzle out how they wanted.  I brought sandwich bags for them to put their puzzle in when they were done. They each did the puzzle in a way that was best for them.  It worked out great!

To print it out, click on it to make it large.  Then right click and copy and paste it into you word or printing program, or save it into your pictures.

Here is a target that I have made to go with this puzzle.  To see additional targets go to the links for each scripture mastery.

Front Side:

Back Side:
The Seminary in a Sack item for this Scripture Mastery is a small plastic heart.  To see all of the Seminary in a Sack items click on the picture below:

To see all of my seminary ideas just click here:

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