Monday, October 27, 2014

A "Missionary Handbook" Workbook to aid in the study of D&C 30-34 or/and D&c 42 or Doctrinal Mastery

Call your seminary students on a mission.  They will love it!

I put together this book to help my Seminary class study the D&C  or the Doctrinal Mastery for missionary work.  I have done this over several years and have found that my students love being called on a mission!  It makes this project seem worth it.

I first called my students on a mission.  I did this by letting them choose an envelope with a mission call in it.   They had to locate the other student who had the same call as them.   Here is a generic version of the letter that I gave them:

Seminary D&C Mission Call:
Seminary Mission Call D&C Word Document

Seminary Doctrinal Mastery Mission Call:
Once each students had their mission calls they put a sticker on the map and wrote their names next to it.  The map I had printed as an engineer copy at Staples for only $2.


After the students have marked their mission on the map you can give them a name tag.  This one fits the Avery address label 5163.

Name Tag:

Here are the printouts for the Handbook.  Be sure to use card-stock for the cover.

Doctrine and Covenants Cover:
(Cut in half to create two covers)

Doctrinal Mastery Cover

Inside Cover:
(print on the backside of the above cover)
D&C 30-35
First set of pages:

Second set of pages:

D&C 42
Doctrinal Mastery

Quote from President Russell M. Nelson

Here is how I assembled it.  I cut the first set of pages and the second set of pages into 4 equal quarters.  
Then I put the piles in order. 
 See the picture below:

Fold the cover over then place the pages inside the cover.  

Staple along the folded edge.  
It helps if you have a heavy duty stapler.

For a snack I served Missionary Munchies.  To see how to make them click on the picture above.

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