Wednesday, October 22, 2014

D&C Scripture Mastery #7 D&C 18:10-11 Practice Handouts, Word Search and Puzzle

I made a large copy of D&C 18:10-11 and printed it out on 5 different colors of card-stock.  Then I cut it into individual words and put them into 5 baggies.  

I divided my class into 5 different groups and the group had to put it into the right order.  The fastest group won.  Here is a printout so that you can do it in your classroom. It will require 2 sheets of card-stock for the puzzle.  Just  click on the picture to make it large, then right click and copy and paste it, or save it into your pictures.

Here is a practice test that you can use:

and here is the backside:

Word Search:
(Each word is only in the puzzle once)

Plus I have a target that you can use:

and here is the backside to the target:

If you would like the targets for the other Scripture Mastery please see the links to the other Scripture Mastery.

The Seminary in a Sack item for this Scripture Mastery is a dollar sign charm.  To see all of the Seminary in a Sack items click on the picture below:

To see all of my seminary ideas go here.

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