Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun Ideas To Support Your Missionary From Home

Here are some ideas that I have used in my home to support my missionaries. 
Mission Map:
I go onto the country's web sight and find a map of the area that my missionary is serving.  I save it into my pictures. 
 Then I have a large print made at Costco.  It only costs about $9 for a large 
20 x 30 print.   Then I put it up on a wall.  As my child serves I put pins in the areas that they serve with pictures of their companion.
Mission Photo
I like to have a special photo frame for my current missionary.  I place this saying next to it.
Mis-sion-ary: (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a
short time so that others may be with
their families for Eternity.
Here's what my mission photo area looks like:
Mission Photo Wall
I like to take a favorite photo of my child while they are on their mission and print it out in black and white.  I mix it in with the other pictures that I have.  Mine has a tropical/ water theme.
Jacket with Mission Patches
While we were shopping in San Diego my husband and I found a flag shop that carries flags from around the world.  They also had these fun patches:
When I got home I attached them to this bomber jacket that I had.  Now when I wear the jacket I have patch representing each of my children and the mission they served in.
A friend of mine has a dog tag with her son's mission.  That one is next for me.  I will post it when I get it finished.

Display Mission Items as Works of Art

This idea I got from my husband's grandmother.  She had very fine taste, but would display items from grandkid's and such as a work of art.  She just blended it right in with her other expensive items.  I don't have the taste that she had, but I like follow her example.  I take items from my missionary's mission and put them up with the rest of the stuff.  Here is one example of a wall in my dining room.  I have several items from different missions. 

Make a Skirt for Your Sister Missionary:

My daughter and I made a bunch of easy skirts for here mission. Here she is at the Mexico Temple.  She is the sister at the far right in the blues skirt that we made. Every now and then I like to send her another skirt that I have made.  She seems to love them.  Click here to see how to make it.

Send Your Missionary an EGGcellent Care Package:
I printed out tons of eggs, cut then out and then gave them to family, friends and ward members to color and write note on.  Then I printed out the sign "Have and EGGcellent Day".  I put them in a care package to sent to her.  To print out the eggs and sign go here.

Send Your Missionary the Ugly Tie Poem

My boys loved to collect ugly ties on their mission and trade them with other missionaries.  One of my sons had an entire suitcase of just ugly ties!  This has inspired me to make this poem.  To print it out go here:

Make a Missionary Card For Your Missionary: is a cute card to make for your missionary.  To get the printout and instructions go here :

Send a yellow package full of sunshine:

Send the 25 days of Christmas

Make some Shield of Faith ornaments for your missionary.

Send your missionary a Believe in God and Yourself quote by Jeffrey R. Holland.

Or  you can make a Christmas ornament from a pass along card.

Here are some cute ideas that
I have found on the web:

MTC Survival Kit, To see how to make it go here:

Send you missionary a bunch of letters to use in time of need. 
To see how to make it go here:

Cute Bunny Missionaries! To see how to make them go here:

"Oh the Places He'll Go", Dr. Seuss Quote, Graduation Party, Yellow & Black, Travel, High School - Bright Future, Dessert Table, Cake & Cupcakes, Congratulations, 2013, Patterns, Arrows, Paper Fans, Banners
Oh the places he'll go party.  Great idea for a missionary! 
To see it go here:

Make a cute banner for your missionary.  You could use it at his mission farewell, or as a welcome home banner.  To see how to make it go here:

Pies and Ties - Such a fun missionary farewell idea!
Pies and Ties!  What a cute idea!  If you can't make one yourself you can have one made by going here:

Make your missionary a tie.  Get the tutorial and pattern by going here:

This is so clever!  Necktie napkins! 
To see how to fold them go here:


Here is a clever idea to celebrate all of the missionaries in the family.  I got the idea from My Mix of Six here:

Here is a cute idea that I saw on Pinterest.  It has no link to it.  You could use Pringle cans to send cookies in.  Dress it up like a Missionary Shirt with a tie:
Father's Day Gift Tubes. I just made these up with a Pringles can, color paper and buttons. Then just fill with all kinds of goodies. Be Creative <3 By NLB

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