Thursday, July 12, 2012

Missionary Ugly Tie Poem and Printout

When my boys were on their missions, they loved to collect ugly ties.  They would trade them at zone conferences.  When we would put together care packages we would always try to include some ugly ties for them to trade.  I thought it would be cute to give some as gifts so I made a poem and a gift bag to give to new Elders.  Here's what I came up with:

Use the print out below to make your tie card and gift bag.  If you copy and paste it into your word program you can make the tie as big as you need to.

Cut out each of the pieces.  Use the tie poem as a template to cut out the top
 of the card from scrapbook paper. 

 Glue the top of the tie together, then glue it onto a white gift bag.  I cut out a collar to fit the top of the bag and then I glue it over the top of the tie. 

 I bend up the corners a little bit just to give it some character.  Then I wrote the name of the Elder on the tag, glued it to the pocket and then glued the pocket to the bag.  I think that it turned out pretty cute!

Here is a link to another cute missionary card that you can make:

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