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Heavenly father gave us many things to help us to be happy here on Earth - FREE printouts

As I was preparing my Sunbeam lesson   I realized that I might have a lot of extra time.  I was also having trouble finding pictures of animals and plants so I decided to make my own printout.  The lesson was on Adam and Eve and also on how heavenly father gave us many things to help us to be happy on Earth.  Here is what I came up with:

Plants and Animals Printout:
(just click on the picture to make it larger, then save it into your pictures or
 copy and paste it into your printing program)

First of all I made a two cardstock printouts of the handout above.  I cut out all of the pictures.  During my lesson I laid out all of the pictures upside-down.  Then the children took turns turning over the pictures.  I would have the child say what the animal or plant was and then we would discuss how that animal was helpful.  Then I would ask them to try to find the matching animal or plant and we would put them together.

Heavenly Father gave us many things 
(Adam and Eve) Printout:

When we were all done talking about the animals and plants, I then had them color the above handout.  The children chose from the cutouts which ones they wanted to add to their picture.  They would color the cutout and glue it to the picture.  When they were done they had a finished picture with many different things that help us to be happy on earth.

I realize that this could be used with other lessons, so I made a more generic version below.

Heavenly Father gave us many things printout 2:
The children loved the game and it helped to fill the extra time.  I thought that I would share it with you.  I have a few more links to the church website on some ideas for Adam and Eve:

If you would rather just use it as a coloring page, here it is all together:


Adam and Eve Teach Their Children Coloring Page

Garden of Eden finger puppet

I Will Be a Strong Link

Our First Parents

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