Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Handout on "What is Visiting Teaching?"

I was asked to give a motivational comment on Visiting Teaching this month.  In the past I have listen to some "motivational" talks on how to be a visiting teacher, and walked away unmotivated.  For my approach I thought that I would just start with the basics.  What does the church think that a visiting teacher is?  I decided to use the church's exact words to share with the sisters what is required of us to be a visiting teacher. Then I thought it would be nice for the sisters to have a printout that they could read for themselves.  I know that we all have different demands on our time, so I hope that we can go through the list of ideas and find ways to visit teach that works for us, and works for our sisters.

My message was simple:
Be the Best Visiting Teacher You Can Be! 

Here is my handout:

Here are the links to the LDS website where I got my quotes from:

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  1. I love how timeless this message is - if it's OK with you I will download and share with my ward!