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I Can Choose the Right by Being Kind to Animals

second page:

This printout is made for the story below. It is from the LDS Primary Lesson Manual.

Printout one picture of the nest for each child.  The second page has enough birds and eggs for 5 children.  Each child gets one bird, and four eggs for their nest.  Have the children color the nest eggs, and bird.  I used tape on the back of all the eggs and birds so that the children could put them in the nest, and take them back out.   They could even tell the story in their own words.

You can also use this handout as an aid when telling the story to the children.  This handout goes with the story of a boy saving the eggs and the mother bird in Primary 3A, lesson 2.
Story below, or use linkhttp://classic.lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?hideNav=1&locale=0&sourceId=43b3767978c20110VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=198bf4b13819d110VgnVCM1000003a94610aRCRD

A young boy named Warren lived near a bird refuge. A refuge is a place where birds are protected. Warren’s father’s job was to help protect the birds. Warren had found a nest in the tall grass near his home, and he loved to look at the eggs in the nest when the mother bird was away. One day when Warren was looking at the eggs, he heard a loud noise. He looked up and saw that two boys from his school had shot a bird with a slingshot.
The two boys saw Warren and came up to look at the nest. One of the boys wanted to smash the eggs. Warren convinced the boys not to smash the eggs, and he told them that it was against the law to kill birds in the refuge. The boys told Warren that he had better not tell anyone that they had shot a bird. They did not want to be punished for breaking the law. As Warren went home, he walked very slowly, thinking about what he should do. If he told his father about the boys, they might make fun of him or hurt him.
Point to the picture of Jesus on the CTR chart.
  • • What question should Warren ask himself to help him choose the right? (“What would Jesus want me to do?”)
  • • What would you do?
Warren decided to tell his father about the boys. His father said he would talk to the boys and their parents. When Warren told his father that he was worried about seeing the boys at school, Warren’s father suggested Warren find a way to make the boys his friends.
Warren didn’t want to be friends with boys who would shoot birds and smash their eggs. He was upset that his father had made that suggestion. All that night Warren thought about what his father had said. Warren had another decision to make.
  • • What decision did Warren have to make?
Point to the picture of Jesus on the CTR chart again.

  • • What question should Warren ask himself? (“What would Jesus want me to do?”)
  • • What should Warren do?
  • When Warren saw the boys again, they were angry with him for telling his father about them. They threatened to beat him up. Warren was afraid, but he decided to do what Jesus would want him to do. He told the boys that he and his father were going to take a hike on Saturday, and he asked if they would like to come along. The boys were surprised and didn’t say anything for a while. They had not expected Warren to be friendly to them. Finally they agreed to go. As Warren said good-bye to the boys, he had a peaceful feeling. He knew that making the boys his friends was the right thing to do. (Adapted from Claudia Remington, “The Nest,” Friend, May 1980, pp. 2–5.

• Why did Warren have a peaceful feeling?
• When have you had a peaceful feeling because you chose the right and did what Jesus wanted you to do?
Invite the children to talk about any experiences they have had with choosing the right.

I also have another handout about the Gift of Animals: http://hollyshome-hollyshome-hollyshome.blogspot.com/2011/06/heavenly-father-gave-us-gift-of-animals.html

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