Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book - Joseph Smith Translates the Book of Mormon

This shows you how to make a book about how Joseph Smith got the Golden Plates
and translated them into the Book of Mormon.

When you copy and paste these sheets, make sure to enlarge them to fit the entire piece of paper (top to bottom, not the width), or the book will be out of alignment.

Cover (Print on Card Stock)
This is the cover of the book.  It makes two book covers.  Cut it in the middle of the page at 5 1/2" to make two separate book covers.  I like to print the cover on card stock.  Make sure the picture lines up with the right edge of the paper.

These next two pages will both be printed on one piece of paper. 
One will go on one side of the paper, the other will go on the opposite side of the paper. 
Remember to enlarge the graphics to fit the entire page.  

Print this next graphic on to the back side of the graphic above. 
Make sure they both face the same direction.

Cut the paper exactly in the middle. 
Put half sheet that has pages 4 & 5 on top of the pages that have 2 & 7. 
Make sure the numbers go in correct order. 
Then put both of those pages on the inside of the cover page. 
Carefully fold them all in half.  Staple on the left side. 
You have just created a book!

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